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large red gun6 in stock$3
missile2 in stock$4
left black shoulder cannon-no hole0 in stock$5
right black shoulder cannon-has small hole halfway up barrel for sixgun's weapon0 in stock$5
six gun red body4 in stock$3
six gun white chest piece6 in stock$2
six gun black gun2 in stock$4
red double barrel cannon8 in stock$3
knee cap-no stickers0 in stock$5
left fist0 in stock$5
right fist2 in stock$5
rear tower4 in stock$4
shoulder antennae0 in stock$10
tank-”slammer”1 in stock$2
tank turret0 in stock$5
Scampper black car-no arms-has scratches1 in stock$4
Scampper right arm1 in stock$6
Scampper left arm2 in stock$6
Scampper small gun0 in stock$12

head with painted features5 in stock$3
head with painted face only0 in stock$5
head with no paint2 in stock$2
gun7 in stock$5
missile launcher10 in stock$4
missile24 in stock$3
white cab connector11 in stock$1
left large fist0 in stock$5
right large fist3 in stock$4
left small fist5 in stock$5
right small fist3 in stock$5
chest shield5 in stock$4