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At this time we are only trading for items on our want list. Thank You.

We have made some changes to our Trading policy. In the past we used to give a straight 50% trade value to items traded in. However, we have amassed a tremendous inventory in the past few years, and for some items we have a large enough supply to last us quite a while.  Also some items have become very low in demand (For example: 1984 and 1985 autobot cars and accessories , 1984 and 1985 Decepticon Jets and accessories. Basicly anything that has been re-issued), so it would make no sense too take in these low demand items, as they would just take up space we don't have. Taking that  into consideration plus the fact that there are many high demand parts that turn quickly, we have a new sliding scale to reflect  these changes.

We will now offer  between 25% and 80% of  listed prices as trade value, depending on item and my current inventory level of that item.

Simply submit your trade list by clicking the button at the bottom of this page and send me a list with which items you have, and which items you would like. I will send you back a list of your item(s) trade value. Once the trade has been confirmed, I will hold your parts for 10 days to allow for your trade to arrive. After that time, the trade is considered void, and the parts on hold will be made available to everyone else. If your trade should arrive after the 10 day period, I may or may not complete the trade depending upon if I still have your items in stock at the time your trade arrives. If I do not have your items in stock and the 10 day period has expired, your item(s) will be shipped back to you at your cost. Of course there will be exceptions, and if you are outside the USA, or even if you are in the USA and keep me posted, I am usually going to work with you, as long as you intend to follow through. As for shipping, we each pay our own shipping costs. If you send your items to me via first class mail, then that is how I will send your items. If you send them priority mail, then I will send yours priority mail. I only ship upon receipt of your trade. I do not send first,and I do not send at the same time. This may seem harsh, but having been burned a few times, I will no longer do this. I have plenty of references, so feel free to ask.



QUESTION 1.  Can I trade in some of my non G-1/G-2 toys and accessories such as: BEAST WARS, RID, MACHINE WARS, BEAST MACHINES, OR ENERGON?


QUESTION 2: Will you trade part for part?

ANSWER:Normally NO. This is a Business and not a Hobby, so no, I will not trade a left sunstreaker fist for a right sunstreaker fist. You get what you want, and I end up with basicly the same thing, plus I am out my time for processing the order, including invoicing, packing, and shipping.

QUESTION 3: Will you take transformers bodies, or body parts in trade?

ANSWER:Normally no. Ocassionaly, I may have some of these on my want list, but otherwise I do not take bodies, or body parts (legs, arms, heads, etc.). I simply don't have the room to store them.

QUESTION 4. My parts have some wear on them can you take them in trade?

ANSWER:NO, I will only take parts in excellent condition. Chrome pieces must have little  (and I mean VERY LITTLE) wear. Other parts must be free of large scratches,  discloration, chips, cracks, etc. I will only send you  quality pieces, and I will only accept trades of the same quality. If you send me junk, I will return it to you at your expense, so please save everyone time and money, by sending only good parts.


If you have any other questions regarding trading, please click on the CONTACT US button on the left side of the page