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As many of you know, there are many versions of Optimus Prime parts, just in G1, let alone counting G2. I have tested all the parts below with my personal Optimus Primes, to ensure they all fit and function with G1 Optimus primes. G2 parts will be listed in the G2 page.

If you would like more information on the different variations, click onto the LINKS page, and check out FREDS WORKSHOP.

G1 Optimus Prime
bloated gun for grey roller version 1 in stock$10
grey roller1 in stock$10
bloated gas pump for grey roller version1 in stock$5
bloated gas nozzle for grey roller version0 in stock$25
bloated left fist (straight thumb) for grey roller version0 in stock$10
bloated right fist (straight thumb) for grey roller version1 in stock$10
grey missile for grey roller prime0 in stock$3
purple roller1 in stock$5
blue roller0 in stock$10
regular gun2 in stock$11
regular gas pump4 in stock$3
regular gas nozzle1 in stock$25
black missile10 in stock$3
standard left fist (bent thumb)1 in stock$12
standard right fist (bent thumb)1 in stock$12
gas hose for all versions0 in stock$15
Rear Trailer Door1 in stock$12