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As many of you are well aware, some Transformers parts are incredibly hard to find, and often they are sold within a few hours of posting on this site. Many parts are listed and sold so quickly that if you don't check all the time, you may not have even known that we had them to begin with. If you are interested in getting the first opportunity to purchase new in-stock items without having to constantly check the site, I would encourage you to join our mailing list. Whenever we get new items in, we will send out an e-mail to those people who are on our mailing list letting you know of any new items we have before we list them on the main site.  We will only list items that we don't have currently in stock, and we will hold the new parts back for 3 days before we post them onto the main site.

We will also have special promotional sales from time to time that will only be available to those on this list.

I will NOT use this list to Spam  you with NON-Business related items such as political, or religious views, nor will I give the list out to anyone else.

You can get off of the list anytime you want by sending me an email asking me to remove you.

My goal is to send out one email a week. We all already have enough stuff clogging up our email boxes, and I don't want to contribute to that anymore then necessary.

To join our list, just click on the button below.