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Listed below is all the current instruction books that I have in stock.

I have broken the grading of Instruction books  into 3 main areas, and each is explained below. I have also included a picture, so you can see the differences. To see the visual grading just click here


GRADE A-This is a book that is in excellent condition and has little or no wear.

GRADE B-This is a book that is in average condition. May have some bends, or some small (very small) nicks, or tiny rips. The typical book that you would find with an out of the package transformer that has been sitting around for 15 years.

GRADE C-This is a heavily worn book that has seen better days. This book will be well worn, or possibly have some tears that have been re-taped. The entire book will be present, but usually only good as a filler piece, or if you want to see how the transformation is done.