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The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

FRID logoFRID is a sponsor for RID’s Certification Maintenance Program, CMP.  FRID offers, as a benefit, free processing of CEUs to both our individual and organizational members.  Here you will find a brief overview of the CMP program.

The integrity of RID Certification requires a commitment to life-long learning.  It is the mission of the Certification Maintenance Program to ensure the quality and effectiveness of educational opportunities provided a framework for certification maintenance, which will guarantee full and fair participation for all certified members. (Motion 96.07)  All RID certified interpreters and transliterators, NIC certified interpreters, NAD certified (levels III, IV, and V) interpreters are required to complete CEUs under the RID’s CMP.  The CMP requires participants earn a minimum of eight continuing education units, CEUs, during each four-year CMP cycle.  These CEUs are earned by successfully completing learning activities approved by sponsors.

Certification maintenance is based upon CEUs.  The CEU is an internationally standardized measurement: ten (10) contact hours of participation equals 1.0 CEU.  The traditional CEU is related to the instructional hours; the most common module of educational experience, and the 60-minute clock hour is used in making calculations.  Only completed instructional hours are considered is assigning CEUs.  Lunch hours, socials and break times do not earn CEUs.  Non-traditional educational experiences must be assessed to determine how to assign CEUs in a manner consistent with the concept and philosophy of the traditional CEU.  All continuing education activities must involve endeavors that exceed the participants’ routine employment responsibilities.  This means that CEUs CANNOT be earned for workshops/activities that the interpreter is interpreting.

The content areas in which interpreters/transliterators can receive CEUs are divided into two categories: Professional Studies (linguistic and cultural studies; theoretical and experiential studies; specialization studies) and General Studies (human service and leadership; general knowledge studies). 

Professional Studies contains content that directly affects the field of interpreting/transliterating.  A minimum of 6.0 CEUs must be completed in this section during each CMP cycle.Fingerspelled SFingerspelled P 

Examples of Professional Studies topics include, but are not limited to:

General Studies includes topics that enhance the interpreter/transliterator’s general knowledge base.  There are no minimum requirements for CEUs in thisFingerspelled S category, however, only two (2) of the eight (8) required CEUs will be counted toward certification maintenance.Fingerspelled G

With the complexity of the requirements and criteria of the program, members easily become confused and misunderstand what is expected.  FRID has developed this website and tools in order to assist members in navigating the CMP process.